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Our School

About Birnham Woods Elementary

Mission Statement

In collaboration with parents and community members, Birnham Woods Elementary will provide a safe, caring, and positive learning environment that celebrates diversity and instills a desire for learning while meeting the individual needs of all students. Through motivation and high expectations, every child will achieve personal and academic success today and for a lifetime.

The Bulldog G.R.O.W.L.

Growth mindset – “We never give up!”

Respect – “We treat others how we want to be treated!”

Ownership – “We take responsibility for our words and actions.”

Work ethic  – “We try our best everyday!”

Leadership – “We lead by example.”

At BWE, we G.R.O.W.L. together!

BWE Expectations

All Bulldogs will:

1.) Use kind words and actions
2.) Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
3.) Follow directions
4.) Do your best work
5.) Make safe choices

Birnham Woods Elementary bulldog logo

Important Times