Mrs Croy's Class


*Please initial and return folders                     daily.*

They have 2 choices and they can be found on the child nutrition web page.

**What your child should know:
ALL alphabet letters -sound, write and name

Numbers: 0-100- name and write

Sight words- (ALL 25)
I, can, said, the, my, go, red, see, to, no, a, look, you, come,some,in,on,and,he,of,we,so,saw,it,up,on,
yes,is, like,this went, me,for,did, at do,my, was

Sound out 3-4 letter words you don't know.
Ex. Blok  for block
Spell sight words correctly.  
Scholastic Code-MVZC7
Book orders due-
**Upcoming Events**

May 8-9-STAAR test (no lunch visitors)
May 29-Holiday! No school
June 1-Last Day of school

***NEEDED: any leftover party trinkets/fast food toys for our treasure box. :)  TIA

Weekly Agenda:

Language Arts- Sight words are:
I, can, said, the, my, go, red, see, to, no, a, look, you,come,some,in,on,and,he,of,we,so,saw,it,up,
on,yes,is, like,this went, me,for,did, at do,my, was
Letters:   ALL  Sounds and names
Book- Take home books, leveled library book (1 or2)
Math- Addition/subtractioin
Science- Seeds-Plants
Social Studies-Texas History
WritingNarrative writing
Pictures tell a story too. Put details to make it better. Use spaces between words.
Write the sounds you hear when you say a word.  Ex- I lik te dg. OR I lk e d. OR I like the dog. would be correct.

Kindergarten Homework- Practice reading your library books each day
and complete a practice writing sheet if
Have your child point to each word as they say it. Use strategies from the blue reading folder. Please return HW sheet on Friday in the yellow folder. :)

**FREE handwriting practice/Apps:
Phonics and letter sounds school    or    letter sounds A to Z   or Reading friends: Jungle A to Z free

        Helpful Reminders for a great start:

**Please send a small water bottle (flip or pull open top, no screw on please) with your child they can keep on their desk.

-Please send a note for the teacher if your child will be buying hot lunch for the first time.
They have 2 choices and they can be found on the child nutrition web page.

-Please help your child become more independent by learning to zip/unzip and pack their folders and lunch boxes inside the backpack.

-Please initial and return folders daily.

There is a new district wide expectation that all treats distributed at school will be store bought and not homemade. Please understand there will be no exceptions for birthday treats. If you choose to celebrate your child's special day at school by bringing a delicious treat, please know it has to be store bought.  Also, the teacher has to be the one to pass out treats due to the amount of allergies. *Please also be cautious of little ones feelings when inviting friends. I cannot pass out invitations to children unless I have enough for each child in the classroom. You are welcome to contact specific friends other ways if you choose. Thank you for your compliance and understanding to these expectations.

Conference times are available by contacting your child’s teacher either by phone or email.  

Birnham Woods: 281-863-4200  
Conference days
Email address:

Our Busy Day...

7:25-7:55       Doors open/Morning Work
7:55-8:15       Calendar
8:15-9:00       Writers workshop
9:00-9:15       Wiggle break
9:15-9:30        Snack/ Restroom break
9:30-10:30      Math Block
10:35-11:30     --Mrs.Croy's conference time--
11:30-12:00     Science/Social Studies    
12:00-12:25      Shared Reading (Big Book & Word work)  
12:25-12:55     Lunch
12:55-1:15      Recess
1:15-1:30       Restroom/ water break
1:30-1:45       Read aloud think together
1:45-2:45       Language Arts Block
2:45-2:55       Prepare for dismissal/Daily Review


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For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator at 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, Texas 77304; (936) 709-7752.